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Hello, I am Novi Haryati. I am one of lectures here in Agricultural Social Economics Department, Agriculture Faculty, Brawijaya University. I belong to Agribusiness Management Laboratory and right now, My current position is as representative of Agribusiness Dept in UB Campus IV Kediri. I was born in Jember on 10  November 1984.  I had my primary education until graduate school in Jember. My elementary school was SDN Jember Lor 3 Jember (1990-1997) Jember. My junior and high school was SLTP Negeri 3 Jember (1997-2000) and SMU Negeri 2 (2000-2003). I spent my undergraduate and graduate school both in Jember University (s1: 2003-2007 and s2: 2008-2011). When I was studying in graduate school I had great times studying in University of the Philippines Los Banos for one semester, It was sandwich program under Ministry of Education, Republic of Indonesia.

As researcher and educator, I think it is a must for me to encourage myself in learning everything related the progress of agribusiness in Indonesia. I do agree with Mr. Bungaran Saragih through his book, that, although fishery is main priority in this country to gain income, but agriculture is also important since it has relation with food sufficiency. And indeed, People just can’t wait, when it is related to food. Agribusiness consists of subsystems that I think plays important role, not only when it was the time of Mr. Bungaran Saragih as Agriculture Minister, but in this era and then. Plant breeding without paying attention to process after harvesting is nothing. Because agriculture products is fragile and it needs agribusiness to give benefit to producers especially increasing small farmer’s income.

That’s why through my blog, I wanna share especially for course material and some thinking. It would be benefitted not only for my students but for other practice.

Welcome to my blog, Pertanian Indonesia Maju!


Warm regards,

Novi Haryati, S.P.,MP



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